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Pealkiri AS Tallinna Vesi’s operational performance during the first 6 months of 2021
AS  Tallinna Vesi achieved excellent operational  results again in the first six
months  of 2021. The company reconstructed 4,200 m of water pipes and 4,100 m of
sewers during the first half of 2021. The reconstruction of mechanical treatment
stage  at  the  wastewater  treatment  plant  continued to deliver the target of
further enhancing the quality and resilience of wastewater treatment process.

Investments into the water network

The  quality of tap water  was very good in  the second quarter of 2021 - 99.7%
compliant with the requirements. Tap water met the strict standards for drinking
water  quality also during the  first half of the  year (99.87%). Hot weather in
summer  can  be  a  challenge  in  terms  of ensuring water quality in the water
network.  To make  sure that  our consumers  have high-quality drinking water at
their  taps at all times,  the company carries out  proactive maintenance of the
water network, such as additional flushing of pipes as necessary.

One  of the objectives of the company is to notify customers of interruptions to
water  supply as  early as  possible. During  the first  six months of 2021, the
customers  received notices of unplanned interruptions  at last 1 hour before in
98.9% of  cases. To minimise the effect of water interruptions on customers, the
company  is  planning  to  install  at  least  20 additional valves in the water
network  this  year.  During  the  second  quarter  of  2021, the  average water
disruption  time was  2 hours and  51 minutes which  was less  than in  the same
period last year.

The  leakage rate for the period until  the end of June was 15.01%, being higher
than for the same period of 2020.

The  company had reconstructed 4,200 m  of water pipes and  4,100 m of sewers by
the  end of the second quarter of  2021. Reconstruction works were done on Poska
and  Roosikrantsi  Streets  and  on  Kadaka  Road.  Capital investments into the
network  ensure uninterrupted  water and  wastewater service  and reliability of
water supply to consumers also in the future.

Reliable wastewater service

Sewer  reconstruction is contributing to the  gradual reduction in the number of
sewer  collapses year  on year.  During the  first half  of 2021, we had 5 sewer
collapses  less than in the same period last year. Slight increase in the number
of sewer blockages in the second quarter and in the first six months of 2021 was
related to the dry and warm weather.

In  the second quarter and the first half of 2021, the final treated effluent at
Paljassaare  Wastewater  Treatment  Plant  was  fully compliant with all quality
requirements.  With the  purpose of  assessing the  treatment efficiency and the
quality  of  wastewater,  we  continuously  monitor  for pollutants, in both the
incoming  wastewater and final treated  effluent. Wastewater laboratory analyses
the samples taken from different stages of the wastewater treatment process.

The   major   project  of  reconstructing  the  mechanical  treatment  stage  at
Paljassaare  Wastewater Treatment  Plant continued,  with the construction works
scheduled  to be completed by  the end of July.  Testing and optimisation of the
new  system will  commence in  August. Completion  of this  project will further
enhance the quality and resilience of wastewater treatment process.

Availability of tap water

Providing  customers  and  consumers  with  high-quality  and reliable water and
wastewater  services at  all times,  whilst maintaining  very high  standards in
customer   service   is   crucial   for  Tallinna  Vesi.  To  maintain  customer
satisfaction,  we have set ourselves clear  and forward-looking targets. We have
seen  a gradual decline in the number of customer complaints year on year, which
is  a positive  trend and  serves as  an indicator  of stable improvement in the
quality of service.

It  is  important  for  Tallinna  Vesi  that the customers receive the necessary
information  or answers to  their questions as  quickly as possible. The company
measures  the speed  of response,  and has  set a  target to respond to all less
complex  written  requests  within  two  working  days. The company responded to
written requests within the term in 99.2% of cases in the first half of 2021.

To  further enhance the availability of tap water in summer on the city streets,
the  company has opened  9 public water taps  providing Tallinners with drinking
water of controlled quality. Public water taps are on Viru Street, Harju Street,
in Police Park, the cycle and pedestrian track on Järvevana Road, Kadriorg Park,
on  Kalaranna Road, in Danish King's Garden,  on Algi Street near Löwenruh Park,
and on Sepa Street.

Drinking  enough water is extremely important with hot weather, which is why the
company  encourages  people  to  ask  for  tap  water  when  eating  out and the
restaurants  to offer it to  their customers. To this  end, Tallinna Vesi, along
with  the City  of Tallinn  and the  Estonian Hotel  and Restaurant Association,
started the campaign "Let's offer tap water".


|                                             |    |        |        |    |    |
|                                             |    |        |        |    |    |
|                                             |    |2021    |2020    |2021|2020|
|Indicator                                    |Unit|6 months|6 months|Q2  |Q2  |
|Drinking water                               |    |        |        |    |    |
|Compliance of water quality at the customers'|    |        |        |    |    |
|tap                                          |%   |99,87   |100     |99,7|100 |
|Water loss in the water distribution network |%   |15,01   |13,91   |14,6|12,7|
|Average duration of water interruptions per  |    |        |        |    |    |
|property in hours                            |h   |3,10    |3,05    |2,85|3,18|
|Wastewater                                   |    |        |        |    |    |
|Number of sewer blockages                    |No  |294     |227     |151 |103 |
|Number of sewer collapses                    |No  |36      |41      |17  |14  |
|Wastewater treatment compliance with         |    |        |        |    |    |
|environmental standards                      |%   |100     |100     |100 |100 |
|Customer Service                             |    |        |        |    |    |
|Number of complaints                         |No  |17      |28      |9   |12  |
|Number  of customer  contacts regarding water|    |        |        |    |    |
|quality                                      |No  |72      |164     |30  |101 |
|Number of customer contacts regarding water  |    |        |        |    |    |
|pressure                                     |No  |137     |149     |86  |87  |
|Number of customer contacts regarding        |    |        |        |    |    |
|blockages and  leading off stormwater        |No  |495     |473     |251 |207 |
|Responding to written customer contacts      |    |        |        |    |    |
|within at least 2 working days               |%   |99,2    |100     |98,7|100 |
|Number of cases of failed promises           |No  |1       |0       |0   |0   |
|Notification of unplanned water interruptions|    |        |        |    |    |
|at least 1h before the interruption          |%   |98,9    |99,2    |98,3|99  |

Laura Korjus
Head of Communication
AS Tallinna Vesi
(+372) 626 2271