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Avaldamise aeg 08 okt 2020 19:39:59 +0300
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Pealkiri Conclusion of the Annex to the Loan Agreement of 30/12/2019.
The Management Board of ATLANTIS SE in Tallinn hereby informs that on 8/10/2020 the Issuer as the Lender concluded an Annex to the Cash Loan Agreement with FON SE with its registered office in Tallinn, Estonia (Ariregister Estonia number: 14617916) as the Borrower. The information about the loan was included in Current Report No. 39/2019 of 30/12/2019.

Under the concluded Annex of 8/10/2020 to the Loan Agreement of 30/12/2019 the parties changed the period for which the loan was granted indicating the new date of its return as 30/06/2023. The other terms of the Loan Agreement remained unchanged. The Issuer also informs that there are personal ties between ATLANTIS SE and FON SE in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Member of the Issuer's Management Board is the Member of the Borrower's Management Board. In addition, three members of the Issuer's Supervisory Board perform a function in the Borrower's Supervisory Board.

Moreover, the Issuer informs that a significant shareholder of the Issuer (65,49%) is also a significant shareholder of the Borrower (34,53%).