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Ettevõte AS Pro Kapital Grupp
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Avaldamise aeg 13 märts 2019 18:00:00 +0200
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Pealkiri Prolongation of term in office of member of the Management Board of AS Pro Kapital Grupp
AS Pro Kapital Grupp (hereinafter Pro Kapital) informs, that on 12(th) of March,
2019 the Supervisory Council of Pro Kapital has decided to re-elect member of
the Management Board of Pro Kapital, Edoardo Axel Preatoni until 31(st) of
December, 2021.

A shorter term than 3 years is allowed by the law and the Articles of
Association of the company and is warranted due to alignment of the term of the
members of the Management Board with the CEO's term of office as well as with
setting of annual targets for the company's financial year and corresponding
performance assessment.

Edoardo Axel Preatoni has been the Management Board member of Pro Kapital since
14(th) of September, 2016.

AS Pro Kapital Grupp management board will continue with three members (Paolo
Vittorio Michelozzi, Allan Remmelkoor and Edoardo Axel Preatoni).

Allan Remmelkoor
Member of the Board
AS Pro Kapital Grupp
Phone: +372 614 4920
prokapital@prokapital.ee (mailto:prokapital@prokapital.ee)