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Ettevõte EfTEN United Property Fund
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Avaldamise aeg 30 sept 2022 08:05:00 +0300
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Pealkiri Net asset value of the EfTEN United Property Fund as of 31.08.2022
The  net asset value (NAV) of the  EfTEN United Property Fund was 10.89 euros as
of  August 31, 2022, increasing by  0,4% over the month.  Since the start of the
fund in late June 2021 the total return has been 9,8% and the return on invested
capital 11,6%. The fund has 1/3 of it's capital as uninvested.

In  August, EfTEN Capital submitted a request to  the FSA to amend the terms and
conditions of the fund. Upon approval the most important change will concern the
possibility  to initiate a buyback program of  the fund's units if, according to
the fund management company, the fund trades clearly below the value of its real

In September, important developments took place regarding the fund's development
investment in the residential district of Uus-Järveküla. Rae municipality issued
a  permit for  the construction  of roads  and tracks  in the first stage of the
development.  In addition, 10 new terraced  houses were put on  sale. Out of the
52 houses that have been on sale so far, 50 have been booked by customers.

In  September, the fund increased its  investments in the EfTEN Residential Fund
by  370k euros. This will be  used towards the completion  of the development of
rental houses in Kaunas and the continuation of the development of rental houses
in Vilnius.

A  more detailed overview of EfTEN United Property Fund's portfolio can be found
on the fund's website: https://eftenunitedpropertyfund.ee/en/fund-results-2/

Kristjan Tamla
Head of Retail
Phone 655 9515
E-mail: kristjan.tamla@eften.ee (mailto:kristjan.tamla@eften.ee)