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Avaldamise aeg 20 sept 2022 08:31:21 +0300
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Pealkiri Subsidiary of Hepsor AS acquired property at Nõmme tee 57, Tallinn
Hepsor  N57 OÜ, a subsidiary of Hepsor AS, acquired a property at Nõmme tee 57,
Tallinn  on 19 August 2022. The construction  of the development project located
in  peaceful and green  Kristiine administrative district  will begin already in
the  fourth  quarter  of  2022. The  development  project  has  26 apartments of
different   sizes,  from  compact  one-room  apartments  to  spacious  four-room
apartments with large terraces.

Henri  Laks, member of the  Management Board of Hepsor  AS, said: ?Over the last
year  we have added  9 new development projects  including 4 in Estonia and 5 in
Latvia.  Total addition amounts to  approximately 430 apartments (incl ca 250 in
Estonia  and  ca  180 in  Latvia),  which  is  about  26% of Group's residential
development  projects,  and  approximately  27,700 m(2)  of  commercial property
mostly  in Latvia. The construction of  acquired development projects will start
between  2022-2027. We consider the implementation of our green thinking concept
imporant for all new projects."

Anneli Simm
Head of Investor Relations
Phone: +372 5615 7170
e-mail: anneli@hepsor.ee

Hepsor  AS (www.hepsor.ee/en/ (http://www.hepsor.ee/en/)) is  one of the fastest
growing residential and commercial real estate developers in Estonia and Latvia.
Over  the  last  eleven  years  Hepsor  has  developed more than 1,400 homes and
24,000 m(2) of commercial space. Hepsor has been the first real estate developer
in  the Baltic States to implement  a number of innovative engineering solutions
that  make  the  buildings  we  construct  more  energy-efficient  and thus more
environmentally friendly. The company's portfolio is comprised of 27 development
projects with a total sellable space of 180,000 m(2).