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Ettevõte Atlantis SE
Tüüp Korraldatud teave
Kategooria Muud korporatiivtoimingud
Avaldamise aeg 07 jaan 2021 00:50:43 +0200
Keel English
Pealkiri Information for shareholders on the bonus issue of shares
The Management Board of Atlantis SE informs that it has decided not to submit an application to the Management Board of Warsaw Stock Exchange to extend the suspension of the Issuer's quotation. Previously submitted by the Management Board applications of suspension of quotation were dictated by the fact the Company issued bonus shares with its proportional allocation to the Issuer's shareholders. Due to the fact that this procedure is unknown on the Polish capital market and on the Polish regulated market, the Management Board decided to suspend the Issuer's quotation until the registration of the Issuer's increased share capital by the registration court in Estonia. As a result of prolonging procedure of the registration and that its result is unknown, the Management Board informs that any investment decisions should include the risk of non-registration. In addition, the date of determining the group of shareholders entitled to receive shares from the bonus issue is currently not known, as it will depend on the interpretation of the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders, which will take effect after its registration by the court of registration. In case of registration of the increased share capital and other matters connected with the bonus issue of shares, Management Board will inform with an appropriate announcement.