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Avaldamise aeg 15 mai 2019 20:32:48 +0300
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Pealkiri Inbank and Mokilizingas signed a merger agreement
Today,   on   15 May   2019 AS   Inbank   and  its  subsidiary  Akcin?  bendrov?
"Mokilizingas"  signed  a  cross-border  merger  agreement  according  to  which
Mokilizingas will be merged into Inbank.

As  a result of the merger, Mokilizingas will  cease to exist and Inbank will be
the  legal successor of Mokilizingas. All  the assets, rights and obligations of
Mokilizingas  shall be transferred to Inbank on  the date of entry of the merger
in the Estonian Commercial Register.

The  merger  will  be  performed  in  accordance  with  the  cross?border merger
agreement  and the laws of Estonia and  Lithuania and will be conditional on the
Estonian  Financial Supervision Authority and the  Bank of Lithuania issuing the
necessary  authorisations. Obtaining  of such  authorisations from  the Estonian
Financial Supervision Authority and Bank of Lithuania shall be deemed conditions
precedent  for  the  completion  of  the  merger  under  the cross-border merger

The  purpose  of  the  merger  is  to  simplify  and harmonize the group's legal
structure  and to create a more  cost-efficient management. In Lithuania, Inbank
wishes to continue its operation in a branch structure.

The  contemplated  merger  is  an  intra-group  merger  and in the course of the
latter, the volume, content and nature of the assets of Inbank group will not be
altered. The financial results of the companies involved in the merger have been
consolidated  on the level of Inbank and  made available to all the investors of
Inbank via the information system of Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

After the merger, Inbank will continue under the business name AS Inbank.

Inbank started its banking activities in 2015 and provides its services through
its internet bank and partner network. Inbank is active in Estonian, Latvian,
Lithuanian and Polish consumer financing markets. In addition, international
deposits are gathered from German, Austrian and Dutch markets.

Additional information:
Kristin Pihu
Inbank AS
Head of Marketing and Communication
+372 5348 2436