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Avaldamise aeg 08 märts 2019 09:00:00 +0200
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Pealkiri Acquisition of a shareholding in Lithuanian technology and innovation conference Login
On  7 March 2019, UAB ?Delfi", 100% subsidiary of  AS Ekspress Grupp, has signed
contract with UAB ?Small Talk Ideas" and Arnoldas Rogoznyj to acquire 100% stake
in   Lithuanian   technology   and  innovation  conference  company  UAB  ?Login

UAB  "Login  Conferences"  main  activity  is  to  organise  the  Technology and
Innovation   Conference   Login   (Login  2019 (https://login.lt/)).  The  first
conference  was held in 2007 with 120 attendees  and 11 speakers. Since then, in
2018, it  has grown  into the  largest innovation  conference in  Lithuania with
4,000 attendees   and   120 speakers.  Login  began  talking  about  technology,
innovations   and  creativity  when  it  was  important  only  for  a  bunch  of
professionals in the field. Login gradually became the most anticipated event of
the  year - the audience of the conference grew up together with the progress of
Lithuania  itself, and the  increasing number of  ticket buyers allowed to bring
more  interesting, important  foreign speakers,  and the  steadily growing event
became an attractive place for partner integration.

The aim of the acquisition is to enter the conference management market and turn
this  innovation and technology event into  the most popular innovation festival
in the Baltic States.

The  transaction is not to be treated as a significant transfer for the purposes
of  the "Requirements  for Issuers"  section of  the NASDAQ Tallinn Stock Market
rules. AS Ekspress Grupp confirms that neither Delfi UAB nor AS Ekspress Grupp's
management  board  and  supervisory  board  members  are  in  any way personally
interested in the transaction. The parties have agreed not to disclose the price
or other conditions of the transaction.

Delfi   UAB   manages   the   most   popular   Lithuanian   news   portal  DELFI
(https://www.delfi.lt/)  with  specialized  channels  for  various audiences and
online  ads portal Alio.lt (https://www.alio.lt/). Since 2007, Delfi UAB belongs
to the media group AS Ekspress Grupp.

Additional information: Mr. Vytautas Benokraitis director of UAB ?Delfi", phone:
+370 699 18015.

Signe Kukin
Group CFO
AS Ekspress Grupp
Phone: +372 669 8381
E-mail: signe.kukin@egrupp.ee (mailto:signe.kukin@egrupp.ee)

AS  Ekspress Grupp  is the  leading media  group in  the Baltic States whose key
activities  include web media  content production, publishing  of newspapers and
magazines  and provision of printing services  in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Ekspress  Grupp that launched  its operations in  1989 employs 1700 people, owns
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