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Company AS PRFoods
Type Company Release
Category Other corporate action
Publicize date 21 Jan 2022 09:08:55 +0200
Kell English
Title Överumans Fisk AB, a Swedish subsidiary of AS PRFoods, borrows money to kick-start a fish farming and to support its working capital
Överumans Fisk AB, a subsidiary of AS PRFoods, entered into loan agreements with
Amber Trust II S.C.A., SICAR and Lindermann, Birnbaum & Kasela OÜ to borrow up
to EUR 1,000,000 (up to EUR 500,000 from each lender). The repayment term of
both loans is 31.12.2022 and the interest is 6.25% per annum.

The money is borrowed to support the start-up phase of Swedish fish farming and
to boost company's working capital at the same time. Fish will be farmed in
Sweden's largest and most environmentally friendly farm, using predominantly
hydroelectric power or other renewable energy sources. The CO2 footprint of the
fish farm is also about 1/3 smaller than, for example, in RAS-type i.e.
terrestrial farms.

The lenders are the shareholders of AS PRFoods and thus the related persons
within the meaning of the "Requirements for Issuers" regulations of the Nasdaq
Tallinn Stock Exchange.

Indrek Kasela
AS PRFoods
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