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Company AS Pro Kapital Grupp
Type Company Release
Category Other corporate action
Publicize date 17 May 2024 12:05:00 +0300
Kell English
Title Establishment of a new subsidiary of the group
Establishment of a new subsidiary of the group

AS  Pro Kapital Grupp announces  that a subsidiary company  of the group, AS Pro
Kapital Eesti, has established a new subsidiary, OÜ Pro Kapital Engineering. The
new  subsidiary will be  active in residential  and non-residential construction

The  share capital of  OÜ Pro Kapital  Engineering is EUR  2 500, which upon the
establishment  of the company belongs 100% to  AS Pro Kapital Eesti. The members
of the management board of the new company are Edoardo Axel Preatoni, the CEO of
AS  Pro Kapital Grupp and Andrus Laurits,  the management board member of AS Pro
Kapital Eesti.

The  establishment of  the subsidiary  does not  have an  effect of the economic
activity of the issuer.

AS  Pro  Kapital  Grupp  shall  inform  the investors through the Stock Exchange
system additionally when further decisions have been made regarding the project.

Edoardo Axel Preatoni
Member of the Management Board
Phone: +372 614 4920